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2006-01-22 - 7:52 a.m.

I can't believe it has been so long since I last updated. I just have no time anymore when I'm home from work and I'm too paranoid at my new job to use their system to make an entry. Hey, I might not mind the whole internet universe coming and looking at my boring life, but it's not something I would like to share with my employer.

So what has been going on? My nine month old son chipped his tooth. At least we think he did. We don't remember him ever banging his month hard enough to cause a chip; he never had a fat lip and no one ever saw any blood. So I took him to the dentist and she said she can't tell if he chipped it or if it grew in that way, some sort of a malformation or something. The thing is, I just all of a sudden noticed it, and you would think that would be something that you would notice right away. Although, maybe it just erupted enough now to see the shape of it. This theory would make sense given no one
remembers him hurting himself. The dentist did say that she could see, what looks like, some trauma to his gums which would indicate he banged his mouth, but she could not be sure. The damage/malformation is bad enough that she wants me to bring him back when he turns a year to look at it again and it may need to be pulled. Poor boy...I hope that doesn't have to happen.

My new job is good. Definitely challenging, but plays to my strengths, not like my previous job where I was trying to be something that I wasn't.

Haley seems to like her new school, although in the morning she never seems to want to go, but by the time I go to pick her up, I have a hard time getting her to leave. So I think that is a good sign. She does break my heart when she says she would rather stay home with me though.

Well, I was able to get a few minutes of "me" time to update because, in an unusual event, everyone else is still sleeping, but I just heard a little voice. Which means Haley is up and looking for me.

I have to wrap this up, but I am going to try and get back here more often... somehow!



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